Why Us


Most executives or personal assistants at times panic when there is a problem or delay with PRO jobs.

Knowing that all is being taken care of, T&M gives peace of mind to the company’s stakeholders assuring them all the time that they do not need to worry once PRO file is with us and can sleep peacefully knowing we are there to take care of all that needs to be done.


At Time & Motion, we allocate one designated team of PRO’s that will manage your entire account

At Time & Motion, we allocate
one designated team of PRO’s. Once we have the profiles on each of our clients, the dedicated team looking after the account will have hands-on control in deploying PRO tasks as they will be familiar with the executive needs and corporate requirements.


Save time and money by having us to handle every aspect of government relations


We guarantee a response time that is second to none.

We operate in a highly efficient manner and hence all PRO jobs or queries are acknowledged immediately giving you peace of mind that we are working on your request or query. We send you regular updates on the status of each and every job to make sure you are aware of where you stand with the status of your application and/or request.


We profile our clients. We collect first their documents and safely store them onsite or on our cloud. Such documents include trade licenses, passport copies, establishment cards, MOU’s, and so on. This allows us to save time involved in delivering/producing documents related to your PRO job.